A Digital Platform Working Toward the Perfect Fit for All
Experience Design + No Code Development
Native + WPA App
Flutterflow + Firebase + Figma + Stripe + Various 3rd Party APIs
Rabia Razzaq (co-founder) + Peyton Seffick (Wheelchair user + Adaptive athlete) + Priscilla Cruz



The way our clothes fit impact our capabilities to navigate the world as well as our self-expression. Unfortunately, the needs of the disabled community are far from being met when it comes to fashion. In the world today, 15% of the global population is living with a disability and their clothing needs are far from being met. We began to ask how can we create a digital solution that allows wheelchair users to connect with tailors and get their clothes altered as per their fit and style?

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People with disabilities, but particularly wheelchair users, can have tremendous difficulty finding properly fitting clothing. This is a matter of personal expression but also human dignity that is being profoundly neglected by mainstream fashion outputs

The discovery portion of this project including multiple in-depth interviews & observation. We engaged with multiple interviews and testing periods with wheelchair users, tailors, and community collaborators. Co-design was an incredibly important aspect of this project, and interviewee data was recorded and synthesized with multi-collaborator input.

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Ideation & Brief

This project began as a design research project, and therefore, did not initiate with a digital product at the forefront of the design process. We were interested in solutions, but not just the creation of an application.

Create a digital tool for customization of clothes by leveraging community skills to make clothing functional, fashionable and accessible for people in wheelchair.

It became clear that altering existing clothing was clear opportunity for multiple reasons including: sustainability, customizability, and cost. Therefore, the project developed into a preliminary service model that could utilize relatively low tech solutions to this complex problem.

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Prototyping & testing

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A Digital Platform Working Toward the Perfect Fit for All

We conducted low-fidelity testing and service pilots, where users recorded their measurements using a provided template. This allowed users to measure their fit and transfer the information to the system. We also worked with a tailor to analyze costs and enable alterations without the user ever needing to be in the tailors place of business. We have completed 3 local tests and 2 international tests to date of this method as an initial validation of proof of concept.


Design Output

A dual native and web progressive application is currently in development for Alpha testing with a Beta launch in the coming months. This will include a robust initial system and key early tailors that can support beta initial users.

This is a universal design, and while the primary use case was for wheelchair users, any body type can benefit from the platform. Therefore the model has the ability to leverage this robust research into a tangible digital product after launch.

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This ongoing project allowed me to collaborate with a team and apply strong adaptive design principles. This ultimately improved all aspects of my process, from discovery to the upcoming launch. Co-design and inclusive design became integral parts of my toolkit during my engagement with this project.

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